Scope of Work and Impact

Thekvest Group is a long term partner of the Unleashed Leadership Development Foundation (ULDF) which focuses on inspiring hope, restoring dignity and unleashing the potential of Africa’s people through sustainable, practical & inclusive interventions. The ULDF focuses on creating a holistic approach to leadership and community development and runs four programmes including:


Unleashed Woman (initiatives that Unleash women to realise their full potential)


Refuelling Leaders (an initiative that provides space for leaders to reflect, connect and be refuelled)


Ignite Marriage Retreat (an initiative that recognises a healthy family unit as the bedrock of a healthy society and provides support and input to young married couples in practical ways as they navigate life in a dynamic world)


Career Link (the flagship programme of ULDF that connect unemployed youth with opportunity in the form of bursaries or work)


Thekvest invests in the ULDF both financially and practically for the successful rollout of the abovenamed programmes and places high emphasis on making a positive impact as a business community on the broader society. Notably, the impact of the ULDF is vast and continues to grow with the needs of society noting great influence in Gauteng, Limpopo and the North West provinces.


Follow us on youtube as we document how the ULDF in partnership with Thekvest Group and Seboka Distributors restored the dignity of Kliptown informal settlement’s residents, during the Covid-19 Crisis.

Unleashed Women

Refueling Leaders

Ignite Marriage Retreat

Career Link